X-Ray of a kiss. What does this have to do with Module C? Nothing, but it makes you think.

Who am I?

I was a teacher, and an academic before that. Now I tutor and run a small company, Diving Bell Education, which produces textbooks, sample answers for HSC essays, and teaching resources for English and History. Have a look – it costs nothing and will probably save you a few hours of preparation in that one week of the term where you’re completely over life itself. Also, the more I make from Diving Bell, the more time I can spend writing Module C answers, gratis.

What’s on this site?

Answers, is what. Sample answers to past papers set by the NSW Education Standards Authority, and any other past questions which I come across. I am happy to try any Mod C questions that you wish to set your students, or your school has set you for an assessment. I just enjoy writing.

BUT…. The emphasis here is on PAST. These are example answers only. The are not for sale, reproduction, redistribution, or reclaiming as anyone else’s. While I welcome any new questions or challenges, they will not be posted until AFTER the submission date for that assessment has passed. I once had a student whom I knew would unwisely hand in my work as their own – they found themselves being congratulated for plagiarising a certain Mr C. Dickens. Silly student.

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