This sample answer is from Cherrybrook Technology High School, which asked 2022's students to Write your own original narrative. This story may be linked in terms of ideas/concepts or characters or form to any of the core or craft texts but should represent something that you are particularly interested in writing about. You may write... Continue Reading →

Advanced Mod C about a car accident

Sample Advanced Mod C from The Ponds High School “I’m writing my story so that others might see fragments of themselves.” In a maximum of 600 words, write an extract of a piece which responds to this stimulus, in an imaginative or discursive way. * Here’s the thing, I said to Alice, who was ignoring... Continue Reading →

Advanced Mod C about someone dying

Sample Advanced Mod C from Baulkham Hills High Use the image provided as a stimulus to craft a central metaphor in a piece of imaginative writing of 700-800 words that evokes a particular emotional response in the reader. * Your chest rises and falls: can you hear me? I will only talk if you can't... Continue Reading →

A Mod C about Mrs Dalloway

In the 2018 sample paper which was published to give people an idea of what this mysterious new 'Craft of Writing' Module might be about, one question suggested that students could be asked to draw on the OTHER modules - i.e. not Module C. So if you had done Mrs Dalloway and The Hours for... Continue Reading →

Advanced Mod C Discursive

See my comments on this question from James Ruse High here : Use the image below as the inspiration for an imaginative OR discursive piece which explores the result of a transformed outlook on individuals and/or society. * A few chapters after the world's creation, a man is standing in his house at night having... Continue Reading →

Advanced Mod C Imaginative

This task is from James Ruse Agricultural High School, the (ooh-err) toppest state school in the HSC ranklings. I tutor a few of their Year 12s and they were kind enough to show me their Module C task, which I've had a go at here. Here's the question: Use the image below as the inspiration... Continue Reading →

Reflection Statements

Look, we know they're mostly BS, but it's your teachers' last chance to believe that you learned something from all the quality literature they've been ladling down your throats. The thing to remember about reflection statements - and writing for school generally - is that this is not how writing happens in the real world.... Continue Reading →

Sample Mod C answer to the 2021 HSC paper

The 2021 HSC paper offered students this characteristically miserable image, and the instruction to 'Use the image provided to craft a central metaphor in a piece of imaginative, discursive or persuasive writing (for 10 marks). For another 10 marks you had to Evaluate how your study of figurative language in The Craft of Writing influenced... Continue Reading →

Sample Mod C answer 2021 CSSA paper

The 2021 CSSA paper presented several confusing questions to Advanced and Standard candidates. Yes, it was the same Module C question for both Standard and Advanced, which seemed a bit cheap to me. Module C was a little better than Module A (which was nightmarishly meaningless), and had two parts. Part A looked like this:... Continue Reading →

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