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She generally gave herself very good advice,  though she seldom followed it.” Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland”

avatar I’m Liz Hayes, daughter of writing researcher John R. Hayes, one of the inventors of “Plan, Draft, Revise”, and one of the most famous writing researchers in the world. Much of the material in “The Craft of Writing” is based on new developments in writing research which I picked up from him and his friends, and as such, have some faint claim to having entered the family business.

I came to be interested in writing processes by an unusual route. I’m an engineer who works with numbers and computer code, but I also write Lord of the Rings fanfiction under the penname Uvatha the Horsemen.

I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and three children, at least two of whom show signs of becoming writers themselves. Or future leaders of a crime empire, it’s hard to tell.


Why the medieval drawings in the posts? I studied medieval history at one time, and I just like them.



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